A certified coin with a WINGS gold sticker assures buyers that the certification organization believes that the coin in question is premium quality for the grade assigned to it. This is a higher designation than “solid for the grade” and denotes that in some cases, the coin may even be under-graded. Only after decades of examining most issues and mints can one really carry the mantle to be qualified as a reviewer for WINGS.

Why WINGS Coin Certification Matters

All coins have their own striking characteristics and surface appearances differ from coin to coin. The WINGS "PREMIUM QUALITY" label denotes that a coin is in the upper end of other equally graded coins.

Virtually all coins exhibit unequal amounts of eye appeal, strike detail, luster, marks and hairlines. As the saying goes, “You can always pay too much for the wrong coin, but you rarely pay too much for the right coin.”

This explains why a WINGS Gold Sticker adds an extra level of confidence and buyer comfort when acquiring certified world coins, tokens or medals.

WINGS founder and finalizer Lance Tchor has been in the coin business since 1977. He is a life member of A.N.A., F.U.N., C.S.N.S. and G.S.N.A.